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From: Andrew Ingleside
Subject: Experimenting, part 13 (bi-high school)________________13___________________The boys walked happily back to Gary's, not at all silent this time. "Boy,
I sure didn't expect that," said Greg, shaking his head and smiling. "It
may not be near as good as having a hot sister like you, but it looks like
since Jeff's a horny fuck like me, I'm not going to be stuck with just my
right hand for relief.""Didn't you think it was weird at all doing stuff with your brother?" asked
Gary."Not at all, for some reason. Like I've said before--sex is sex; it all
feels good no matter where or how you get it. I know some people care or
have lots of rules and shit, but I guess I don't.""I guess I don't either--I mean, just looking at my sister gives me a
boner, and looking at yours or Jeff's dicks gives me a boner, and watching
either men or women on videos having sex gives me a boner--shit, just not
wearing underwear gives me a boner, so like what you said at McDonald's; I
guess I just like sex.""Fuckin' A. Can't wait to see what's on that video--I kind of hope the
girls aren't there when we get to your house. We need some privacy to
watch it, and we sure don't want them to know we have it.""I was thinking that too," said Gary, "My sister would kill me if she knew
I had it, but the worst thing about it is she'd take it and then we
wouldn't have it."As they approached the house and went around the back to enter, they noted
that the door was locked, which they took as a good sign. Gary opened it
with his key and they entered the mudroom. The house seemed unoccupied.
Gary moved slowly ahead and looked up the stairs, seeing that the door to
Jamie's room was open--they were alone. "Cool," said Gary, and called out
to Greg, "They're not here.""Awright! Where do you want to watch this? I'd love to see it on the big
screen in the basement," suggested Greg.Gary hadn't thought of that, but saw no reason why it wouldn't work--he
just didn't think they should do it in the family room since it had no door
to close for privacy in case...ok, WHEN something "came up", plus it gave
them a minute to stop it in case the girls came home. "I'll go get the
camera and we'll just plug that in," he announced, and ran the rest of the
way up to his room, pulling the camera off the tripod in his closet and
getting the cords out of the bag.Greg raided the refrigerator in the meantime and grabbed two Cokes, along
with a bag of chips that was laying on the counter, then went down the
basement steps and flopped down on the large semi-circular couch in front
of a 65" plasma screen. He adjusted his shorts to accommodate his again
lengthening penis, excited by the thought of once again seeing the most
erotic thing he had ever seen, and probably would ever see. He heard the
door at the top of the stairs close, and Gary descended the stairs with the
video camera, the cords trailing behind. Gary looked over at his friend,
amused at how he had once again taken over the best seat on the couch.
Through recent force of habit, he looked at Greg's crotch. "Do you have
another boner?" Gary asked incredulously."I guess," answered Greg, looking hot little loli teen
at him blankly, "You gotta problem with
that?""No, a course tiny teens young lola not, but geez--you came like 45 times already today, and
tons, and we haven't even started the video yet.""Dude--this is like the hottest thing I'll ever see in my life. I can
already replay it in my head like perfectly, and that'd give me a boner on
its own, but thinking about actually seeing it again...fuck me, I gotta
take my pants off so I don't accidentally make a mess in 'em," and with
that he stood up free lolitas bbs kds
and dropped his shorts to the floor, his solid 6+ inch
penis sticking straight out in front of him like a sword, and sat back down
on the couch. 12 yo bbs lola
"Let's get this show going, dude--I can't wait."Gary stood rooted to the spot for a moment, aware of the saliva in his
mouth increasing and a fullness surging in his groin as he watched his
friend's tasty erection swaying gently in front of him. He snapped out of
his momentary trance when his thoughts shifted to the pure gold he had in
the video camera, and with a few quick moves had plugged it into hot little loli teen the AC
outlet and the "video 1 input" on the front of the TV. As the big screen
glowed to life, Gary took the camera remote with him and found a spot on
the couch about two feet away from Greg, conscious not to sit too
close--his thoughts illogically conflicted between fear of being too "gay"
and wanting Greg's cock to be easily accessible. Once settled, he smiled
at Greg and said "Ready?" Greg responded by pointing to his straining
erection, flexing it, and saying "Does it look like I'm ready? If you
don't push the fucking `play' button in the next 5 seconds I'm going to
punch you in the nuts, take it away from you and do it myself."Gary pushed play.After a moment, the blank screen blinked, showed "play" in the lower left
corner for 10 seconds before it flashed out and the counter started
counting, but no image appeared. boys nude lolita model The boys waited patiently for about 30
seconds as the counter continued, but still no picture. "Did you plug it
in right, dipshit?" asked Greg."I think so," said Gary, "I mean, it showed play and counter works, so that
means it's gotta be plugged in right..." He went over to the front of the
TV and jiggled the yellow input cord, then pulled it out and pushed it in
again; the counter display went blank and then reappeared. He looked at
Greg and shrugged.Greg stared at him in silence for at least 15 full seconds. "You stupid
fuck," said Greg menacingly, his rampant erection starting to fade as the
reality of what was happening sunk in, "You didn't push the record button,
did you? You had one thing to do, and you fucked it up, and now we don't
have the hottest video ever in the history of the world. "This is the
dumbest, most assholish move..."Gary, panicked, blurted "Wait wait wait--I rewound it--maybe the tape
wasn't at the beginning when we started--lemme fast forward..." and he
pushed the "FF" button on the remote. The tape whirred away for several
minutes, then Gary pushed play again. The counter reappeared, but nothing.
No picture. Gary faced Greg slowly and hung his head, amazed by the depth
of his own stupidity--he had watched the hot scene through the viewfinder,
he zoomed in for a few closeups, he zoomed back to get the whole scene--and
then he forgot to hit record. What a colossal fuckup he was. He deserved
to have Greg pound him, to never talk to him again, to never boys nude lolita model let him play
with his cock never be able to play with Jeff's cock
was all too depressing. A tear formed in the corner of his eye, and as he
became aware of it he looked quickly up at Greg, hoping he hadn't
noticed--that would have been the height of embarrassment. But Greg wasn't
looking at him.He was looking at the TV.Not just looking, in fact, staring at the TV, his mouth open. Gary whipped
his head around to see what Greg was looking at, and almost lost his
balance in a rush of light-headedness. An attractive blond woman was
seated naked on the corner of a bed, her right hand buried in her blond
lightly-furred crotch, her fingers moving busily in her slit. Her left
hand encircled the center of an erect penis which she plunged rhythmically
into her mouth with obvious enjoyment. "Holy shit," exclaimed Gary,
"That's my Aunt Megan!" The camera slowly zoomed in on the hard cock as
Aunt Megan took it out of her mouth and licked slowly and lasciviously
around the head, showing the cock to be rather sizable, with a round
extremely swollen head, then zoomed out until the man's entire body and
face could be seen. Gary sat frozen. "Holy shit!" exclaimed Greg, "That's
your dad!"
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